Jigsaw Psychologists see individuals across the life span. We are committed to helping individuals reach their full potential and recognise the importance of early intervention in assisting development and preventing further possible issues. Jigsaw Psychologists provide individuals with professional counselling, therapy, assessment and support by providing evidence based psychoeducation.

At Jigsaw Psychology, we aim to support parents and families in treating and managing behaviours to improve the quality of life for both the young person and their family. Challenging and defiant behaviours in childhood and adolescent are often the key reason parents seek professional help. We will work closely with young people and their families to determine the function for the behaviours and to develop appropriate interventions to support the young person to engage in alternative, more appropriate behaviour.
Jigsaw Psychologists regularly conduct kinder and school visits as we believe in a collaborative management approach. Please call and speak with our reception team on 8657 8626 about what we offer.
Jigsaw Psychology present education sessions within our local community throughout term. Please see www.parkorchards.org.au for upcoming events.