Jigsaw Psychologists see individuals across the life span. We are committed to helping individuals reach their full potential and recognise the importance of early intervention in assisting development and preventing further possible issues. Jigsaw Psychologists provide individuals with professional counselling, therapy, assessment and support by providing evidence based psychoeducation.

Family intervention focuses on the entire family system.
Just as children and adolescents transition through developmental and life stages, so too do families. These transitions through differing stages often prove difficult due to the changing roles required. New challenges present often leading to possible difficulties as new stages are reached.
Common Family concerns:

  • Sibling rivalry
  • Family conflict or stress
  • Family trauma
  • Grief or loss
  • Adjusting to divorce or separation
  • Family member with chronic illness
  • Family violence

Jigsaw Psychologists use Family therapy treatment approach that enables family members to explore and understand roles within the family, identify and resolve conflicts and strengthen the overall functioning of the family. Using a strengths-based approach, family therapy seeks to strengthen relationships and promote healthy communication patterns to resolve conflict.
Family Therapy is not recognised as an eligible treatment intervention under a GP Mental Health Care Plan and therefore there are no eligible Medicare rebates however private health insurance may cover some costs involved.