Jigsaw Psychology supports children who are experiencing a range of issues and concerns relating to their wellbeing. Our psychologists are available to support you and your family.

Our counselling sessions are aimed at supporting famillies through behavioural, emotional and social challenges and providing parents/children with strategies and techniques to better manage these challenges. Jigsaw Psychologists treat children for:

  • developmental disorders (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  • anxiety and anger management
  • challenging behaviours
  • attention deficit disorders
  • self-esteem issues
  • eating disorders
  • bullying and friendships concerns
  • school refusal
  • depression and mood disorders
  • family breakdown or separation
  • issues surrounding grief and loss
  • learning difficulties and giftedness

Functional Behavioural Assessments are commonly used to help guide a child's intervention and identify the underlying function of challenging behaviours. At Jigsaw Psychology we believe that all behaviour has a function. We work with the child's kinder/school and family to identify potential triggers and factors that may be escalating your child's challenging behaviours.

Jigsaw Psychology offer practical strategies to problems with a focus being on helping your child become an independent and resillient young person.